How many times have you realized that working from 9-5 pm disturbs you and takes away all the fun? Is your boss blocking your growth and ignoring your potential? Did you ever think about breaking corporate slavery or even better, getting to change the world?

If the answer to some of the above questions is yes means that you reached the right place at the right time. If you always have interesting ideas you would like to share with other people, your time has come at last.

Am I a simple girl living in Europe’s start-ups capital (more than 500 in the last 2 years here in Berlin). A place where you can shape your profession and therefore work independently.

As a woman I would like to highlight stories about girls that succeed nowadays as entrepreneurs in different fields. They built their companies and professions from scratch and are proudly living their dreams.

Lets connect:

Twitter: @PaulinaBGGC

Linked in: de.linkedin.com/pub/paulina-bagińska/54/1bb/629/



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