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How a mobile app helps people with eating disorders – the interview with Ekaterina from Jourvie

  One day I was researching healthy apps available on a market and I came across Jourvie. It’s a mobile app that helps people with eating disorders.  I met Ekaterina Karabasheva, the app’s founder, during the Tech Open Air in Berlin. She was one of the speakers there. If you want to find out more…

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“You have to smile a lot when you’re young so that you have positive wrinkles when you’re old.” – Interview with Andrea Kolb from Abury

I had the opportunity to meet in person the founder of Abury. It was a pleasure to meet Andrea, especially since I’m a big fan of the Moroccan culture. She welcomed me very warmly in her showroom in Prenzlauer Berg. How renovating a house in Marrakesh caused opening a company, you can read below.

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How to encourage people to cook and finding others with the same goals as yours – Interview with the team of KptnCook

Some time ago, I met the team of KptnCook – the most down to earth and funny people I have ever met. Alex and Eva are Co-founders together with Polina Marchenko – who was in San Francisco during the interview and couldn’t be there personally. I was waiting for the launch in great excitement and when…

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How “Can do” attitude could become dose of culture on smartphone – DailyArt

In the upcoming weeks I would like to present successful females from Poland and Germany. I believe it will be a hint of inspiration for each and every one of you. I would like to introduce to you first a young and inspiring girl on my blog Zuzanna Stańska. She is trying to change the perception of art with a…

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